Talking about sports, we can almost always parallel it to the next worse thing that could happen – Injury. 

Everyone has had an experience of a loved one suffering from minor scratches to debilitating life-threatening injuries. Despite the thrill and excitement any sport can give an athlete, there is nothing less concerning than getting hurt or injured. For family members of the athletes and the athletes alike, sports has become a bitter sweet experience to anyone. For at any time in any given day, no one can really say that we can avoid injuries and mishaps. No matter how physically prepared an athlete can be, no matter how we take measures seriously to avoid accidents no one can really tell when, where or how it’s gonna happen.

So, given all these circumstances, how should a person react and handle situation where in he/she gets injured? How should we face corrective actions on who’s fault was the accident? Most importantly, can the injured athlete claim for due compensation for the accident?

According to statistics:

about 1.3 million youths a year have serious injuries from sports. Of which almost 21% of all are traumatic brain injuries, and 775,000 of children ages 14 and below are treated in hospital emergency rooms for sports-related injuries.

Source: Safe Kids Worldwide (2013) Top Youth Sports Injuries. Retrieved on 11 April, 2016.

Out of all these, we are constantly reminded to be better safe than sorry. To be well informed of the precautions before any given game, to be prepared physically and emotionally in handling any situation that may arise.

If the athlete is a child or an adult experiencing an injury, in a general situation the injured person can be treated for all injuries and the required follow-up care covered by a health insurance if a person has one. Usually this is best for any minor injuries, or injuries that are all part of the rough and tumble of sport. On the other hand and a more serious note, if the injury happened on the grounds of a sports league, work, school or a professional game, the injured person can be in a position to make a sports injury claim, provided the circumstance that the injury took place under an abnormal circumstance, such as defective equipment, dangerous or malicious moves from another party, assaults, bad advice from a coach, or a dangerous environment. This is the grounds where in an injured person is rightfully allowed to claim for a compensation.

Once an injury has happened, the person or the immediate family should then consult a qualifies lawyer immediately. In this way, the situation can be assessed and evaluated, witnesses can be interviewed and officials to collect any important information that can prove that the accident is a mishap of another party and not merely a rough and tumble part of the sport. If all these proof are collected, the injured party can then file a “third party claim” under the liability coverage of the responsible organisation or business that is responsible for the sports-related injury. The injured person may well be entitled for a compensation to your injuries, loss of earning and costs.

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